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Make Animated Screenshots

GIFs are a popular media format, no matter how you pronounce it. It has been used worldwide for various purposes, from fine arts to memes. And as it turns out, it cannot also be helpful for your work. LICEcap is a free desktop utility designed to capture a selection of your screen and export them to high-quality GIF animations.  The program is very much suited for users who want to record their desktop activity for use in demonstrations and tutorials. It is easy to use, and as far as hardware perquisites are concerned, an average system will suffice. 

Create GIFs in a Snap

Following a very short installation, users will get easily acquainted with the app’s simple interface. It starts with a hollow resizable box that you can then move around your screen to the area you want to record. When you are ready, simple hi the Record button to start the process of the screen capture. At this point, you will no longer be able to resize the window, so you need to make sure that the app can capture all the areas you want to record. However, you can still move the windows around, in case you need to include other sections of the screen inside the GIF. You can also click the Pause option to enable a new option, which is the possibility to insert a text frame at the current position of the animation. With this, you can personalize your output with captions.

Additionally, LICEcap also supports global hotkey (Shift + Space) to toggle pausing while recording. More so, it can record mouse button presses to really capture the process you’re recording. More so, it has an adjustable maximum recording framerate to allow throttling CPU usage. It also has a basic title frame, with or without text, and displays elapsed time in the recording.

Export Work to Various Formats

LICEcap saves your recording in a GIF, which you can then embed online just like any other image format. The resulting files will be relatively big. A seven-second animation can have a size of 0.5 MB, so you need a good connection to have it uploaded.

Aside from GIF, LICEcap also supports its native lossless LFC format, which has a higher compression rate than GIF. It also has higher quality, which is more than 265 colors per frame, and more accurate timestamping. You can playback the files within REAPER if you choose to save the recording in LFC. You can also use the latter to convert the files to GIF, JPG, or another video format.

Users must note that LICEcap is only a screen recording application. It lacks any sort of editing capabilities, which means if you want to edit something from your GIF file, you need to download a separate editing software. If you are looking to produce a screencast, then you need to use other apps with more advanced features, such as Camtasia.

A Few Last Words

To conclude, LICEcap is a reliable application that you can use when you need to create animated screenshots. Sure, it lacks editing features that hinder you from further editing your output. But, if you are looking for a quick-and-dirty way to demonstrate some action in a format playable in any web browser, then the app is as good as it gets. And despite the name, it is worth sharing around.


  • Simple and minimalistic
  • Record directly to GIF and LCF
  • Movable screen even while recording
  • Maximum FPS selection


  • No editing capabilities
  • Resulting files are relatively big
  • Needs a more appealing interface
  • Does not allow users to resize window while recording

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User reviews about LICEcap

  • Wendy Barker

    by Wendy Barker

    really useful for JIRA tickets for developers so they can see the exact steps for the bug.

  • sherri young

    by sherri young

    This is an excellent tool but then one day it stopped working and hasn't worked since that day. There are many articles on how this tooMore

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Basic, shame I can't use it properly.
    Almost works. It's a little hard to understand at first, it appears the framed area is the More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Very, very useful. One question though: is there any possibility to make the gif run once (and not continuouslyMore

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Great, easy to use and cheap.
    What more do you want?
    This is a short review because it is a small, easy app that More

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