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LICEcap 1.23

Create animated GIFs from your desktop

LICEcap is an original tool for creating animated GIFs by recording your desktop or a window you have open. To enlarge or reduce the main LICEcap window and the size of the GIF you want to record, all you have to do is edit the window dimensions.

You can also specify a maximum FPS (frames per second) and pause and resume recording. LICEcap will help you record anything, whether it's typing, a video from your PC or YouTube, or something you're doing on Windows.

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  • sherri young

    by sherri young

    This is an excellent tool but then one day it stopped working and hasn't worked since that day. There are many articles on how this tool stopped working for other folks but supports no resolution.

  • by Anonymous

    Basic, shame I can't use it properly. Almost works. It's a little hard to understand at first, it appears the framed area is the area captured but the problem is the program frame is also captured. Also for some reason the cursor is recorded in the wrong place compared to reality. Can't think of a better way to describe that. Pros: It works as advertised. Lightweight and to the point. Cons: A prom More

  • by Anonymous

    VERY USEFUL TOOL. Very, very useful. One question though: is there any possibility to make the gif run once (and not continuously in a loop?

  • by Anonymous

    Yes.. Great, easy to use and cheap. What more do you want? This is a short review because it is a small, easy app that does exactly what it is intended to do, and nothing else. mc. Pros: Esay. Simple. Cons: Size of files. Nothing else.